CTCT Presidency opens call for consultancy: regional consultation on corruption in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Presidency of the Technical Commission for the Fight against Transnational Corruption (CTCT) of OLACEFS calls on both natural persons and legal entities to provide the consulting service for the design, implementation, and dissemination of the regional consultation on citizen perception and scope of action of Supreme Audit Institutions on corruption in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The objectives of the consultancy to be developed over seven months are:

  1. Advise and accompany the Presidency of the CTCT to plan, develop and implement the citizen consultation;
  2. Design and implement the technical consultation with the support of the Presidency of the CTCT;
  3. Advise and accompany the Presidency of the CTCT, to design a dissemination plan for the collection of information for the aforementioned consultations.
  4. Analyze the results of the technical and citizen consultations.


The natural persons or legal entities interested must comply with the following conditions:

  • Verifiable professional experience of at least five (5) years of the contracted legal entity or natural person (if applicable, whoever leads the consulting team), in the provision of consulting services, particularly in the area of methodology, design of instruments for information gathering, and data analysis with a focus on public policies.
  • Verifiable professional experience of the legal entity or one of the members of the consulting team in data analysis. It is essential to have a specialist in this area within the team.
  • Verifiable professional experience in the provision of consulting services in the area of social sciences and public policies is a plus.
  • Have general knowledge of the functions and authorities of the Supreme Audit Institutions, as well as performance audits.
  • Professional training (of the consultant or a member of the work team) in areas of dissemination and information gathering on a large scale. It is desirable to have postgraduate or specialized management training in this subject.
  • Essential presentation of contact details of at least three (3) companies or bodies that have been provided with services for the development, analysis, and dissemination of information.
  • Proven ability and experience in the planning, organization, moderation, technical support, and/or follow-up of training events, workshops, and/or virtual work meetings.
  • Fluency in Spanish, with excellent writing skills.
  • Analytical, synthesis, and results-oriented skills.
  • Flexibility to work within deadlines and under pressure.
  • Ability to work as part of a team, with good interpersonal skills, networking skills, and the ability to interact with other people.

Whoever provides the consultancy service must demonstrate their ability/proficiency by providing information on the portfolio of work performed, as well as their CV and identity card, together with the financial proposal. This will apply to each person in the case of a team.

The deadline for submitting applications is Tuesday, October 11 by email to [email protected], with a copy to [email protected]. Subsequently, interviews will be conducted with pre-selected persons on October 13 and 14.

You can find out more in the terms of reference for the call.

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