Executive Secretary

As stated under article 16 of the OLACEFS Charter, the General Assembly must elect a Full Member to direct the Executive Secretariat for a period of six years, extendable for an additional period of three years.

The functions of the Executive Secretariat consist on providing technical-administrative support to the different instances of the organization (General Assembly, Board of Directors, Presidency, Committees, Comissions and Working Groups) for the execution of the activities.

The powers and duties of the OLACEFS, are defined in OLACEFS Regulations, Chapter IV On the Executive Secretariat (“De la Secretaría Ejecutiva”).

From January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2028, the Executive Secretariat will be in charge of the Supreme Audit Institution of Mexico, ASF.


Econ. David Rogelio Colmenares Páramo
Superior Auditor of the Mexican Federation

On March 15, 2018, he was elected by the LXIII Legislature of the Chamber of Deputies of the General Congress of the United States of Mexico as Superior Auditor of the Mexican Federation for the period 2018-2026.

He is an economist graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) where he has been professor for 30 years.

Within the framework of OLACEFS, he chairs the Working Group on Disaster Management Fiscalization within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals, and the Task Force for the Development of Courses in the Building Capacity Committee, as well as the Committee of Building Capacities in OCCEFS. Additionally, he chairs the SAI Value and Benefits Working Group and the work line of the Integrity Self-Assessment Tool (IntoSAINT), both of INTOSAI.

He has held various positions in the public sector, including: Finance Secretary for the State of Oaxaca (1986-1992); Fiscal Administration Coordinator for the Southern Region (1992-1995); Director of Administration and Acquisitions of LICONSA (1995-1998); Delegate in the State of Oaxaca of the National Bank of Public Works and Services, S.N.C. (1999-2000); Head of the Coordination Unit with Federal Entities of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (2000-2006); Special Auditor of Federalized Expenditure in the Supreme Audit Institution of Mexico (2012-2013); Internal Comptroller at the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice (2014-2015) and Head of the Regional Coordination and Institutional Relations Unit of the Federal Authority for the Development of Special Economic Zones (2016-2018).

He has several publications on the social and economic factors of corruption (1993), fiscal federalism in Mexico and citizen participation and social control (1994) as well as equity and fiscal effort (2006).

He was president of the National College of Economists (2000 to 2002), member of the Technical Committee of the National Conference of Municipalities of Mexico and of the Mexican Academy of Comprehensive Auditing and Performance, as well as a participant in the Tax Affairs Commissions of the Employers’ Confederation of the Republic of Mexico and the Business Coordinating Council.

OLACEFS headquarters

In accordance with the provisions of Article 22 of the Charter of OLACEFS, the headquarters of the Organization will be the city determined by the Full Member who is elected as Executive Secretary, for the same period during which he/she exercises said office, in accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of the Charter.

Below are the various locations that ILACIF and later OLACEFS have had:

1965-1972VenezuelaContraloría General de la RepúblicaII CLADEFS*1965
1973-1975PerúContraloría General de la RepúblicaIII CLADEFS1972
1976-1978EcuadorContraloría General del Estado de la RepúblicaIV CLADEFS1975
1979-1981ColombiaContraloría General de la RepúblicaV CLADEFS1978
1982-1984ColombiaContraloría General de la RepúblicaVI CLADEFS1981
1986-1990PerúContraloría General de la RepúblicaVII CLADEFS**1984
1991-1996MéxicoContaduría Mayor de HaciendaAsamblea General Extraordinaria**1990
1997-2002PerúContraloría General de la RepúblicaVI Asamblea General1996
2003-2008PanamáContraloría General de la RepúblicaXI Asamblea General2002
2009-2012PanamáContraloría General de la RepúblicaXVIII Asamblea General2008
2013-2018ChileContraloría General de la RepúblicaXXII Asamblea General2012
2019-2021ChileContraloría General de la RepúblicaPrórroga de mandato, XXVIII Asamblea General2018
2023-2028MéxicoAuditoría Superior de la FederaciónXXXI Asamblea General2022

* Latin American Congress of Audit Institutions.

** Extraordinary Assembly Session 11/10/89 (Buenos Aires) modified the Constitutive Charter and name of the Organization.