GTG extends an invitation to the fifth meeting on the “People Management” axis of the Keynote Speech Series.

Every first Wednesday of the month, from May to October, the Working Group on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination (GTG) organizes a series of webinars whose main objective is to present each of the axes of the Policy on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination, taking it to a dynamic and participatory level, where all people can understand the issues in a closer and concrete way, exemplifying it in good practices and recommendations of other SAIs or organizations.

Next Wednesday, September 7, at 11 a.m. in Santiago (UTC-4), the  People Management axis will be presented and will be attended by Ms. Nelly Salvo, Secretary General; Ms. Loreto Basaure, Head of the Training Department; Ms. Gabriela Andrades, Methodologist of the Working Group on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination of OLACEFS and Analyst of the Studies and Data Unit; and Mr. Cristopher Segueida Barra, Head of the Organizational Development Unit. The entire staff of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile (CGR) where this axis of the Policy was led.

This day will highlight the importance of incorporating the gender perspective in people management under the premise that human capital is a fundamental strategic element within an organization. To this end, the presentation of the “People Management Axis” will share good practices implemented, to achieve greater equality, diversity, and inclusion and comply with the recommendations of the Policy on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination.

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