Keynote Speech on the Organizational Culture Axis Ends Successfully

On Wednesday, September 7, the fifth meeting of the series of keynote speeches “Hands on deck: Policy on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination” of the Working Group on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination (GTG) was held on the topic of Organizational Culture.

On this occasion, we had the participation of Mrs. Juliana Pinto, National Gender Focal Point of GIZ Brazil; Dr. Paola Núñez, Coordinator of the EFSUR Group; Ms. Graciela Otegui, Cabinet Advisor; Auditor General Ms. Graciela de la Rosa, both panelists from the General Audit Office of Argentina (AGN), who presented the Organizational Culture axis of the Policy on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination and the good practices implemented by both organizations, GIZ and AGN.

Also, in this session, the panelists were able to interact with the audience by answering 2 questions through the Mentimeter platform: 1) Does your organization carry out awareness campaigns on gender, inclusion, and diversity issues? and 2) Does your SAI/Organization have a Non-Sexist Language Guide?

We invite you to relive this keynote speech in the videos below:




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