OLACEFS-GIZ’s Senior Management and Governance Workshop was Successfully Held

On Thursday, January 26 the Senior Management and Governance Workshop of the OLACEFS-GIZ Regional Anti-corruption Project was held at the offices of the Superior Audit of the Federation of Mexico.  The purpose of the meeting was to define the measures to be implemented to achieve the indicators related to the development of national anti-corruption audits and pilot projects carried out by SAIs in collaboration with other government agencies.

The Senior Management and Governance Workshop was conducted within the framework of the Regional Project: “Strengthening External Control for the Prevention and Effective Fight Against Corruption” in conjunction with the German Cooperation through GIZ and OLACEFS.

The event was led in person by the OLACEFS-GIZ Project team and was attended by the SAIs of Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Mexico, and Paraguay, in addition to 15 SAIs that participated remotely.

An overview of the OLACEFS-GIZ Project was provided during the Workshop as well as the results of the survey on pilot projects and the relevance of inter-institutional cooperation in corruption prevention.

Furthermore, strategies were developed to encourage a follow-up on the anti-corruption pilot projects, also the results of the survey on National Anti-corruption were presented, which were an important asset to define supplementary strategies to support the design and advancement of these audits.

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