The 3rd GTG Keynote Speech on the Sexual /Workplace Harassment Axis ends successfully

The 3rd GTG Keynote Speech on the Sexual /Workplace Harassment Axis ends successfully

On Wednesday, July 6, the second meeting was held on the topic of Sexual/Workplace Harassment, in the series of keynote speeches “Hands on deck: Policy on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination” of the Working Group on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination (GTG).

On this occasion we have the participation of Ms. Lillian Berrios, Comptroller of the Office of the Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico; Daniella Bruno of the Court of Accounts of the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, who led this axis in the Policy; and Auditor, Claudia Gonçalves Mancebo of the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU – Brazil), who explained and answered questions about the “Survey on workplace and sexual harassment in the Public Administration” prepared by her institution this year.

The conversation took place in an interactive and participatory manner in which 2 questions were presented to the public, through the Mentimeter platform: Have you been a victim of or witness to a case of harassment within your Institution?; Do you believe that the anti-harassment protocol of your SAI correctly prevents/punishes such practices? Each and every one of the answers was commented on by the panelists, Ms. Lillian Berrios and Auditor, Claudia Gonçalves Mancebo, who gave their opinion from their experience and knowledge in these matters.

Finally, moderator Daniela Sanana highlighted the most important points on this topic, which were extracted throughout the discussion:

· Improving the culture of silence

· Training on types of harassment

· Having adequate channels for reporting harassment

· Strengthening prevention

· Ensuring that all instruments (protocols, codes of conduct, policies …) that refer to these issues are constantly updated and reviewed

· And finally, assuming that harassment exists, speaking up.

If you want to relive this third meeting on Harassment, we leave you with the video in Spanish and Portuguese.

We remind you that there are still three more Speeches: Organizational Culture, People Management, and Audit Functions. Don’t miss them!

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