The Fifth Meeting of the Keynote Speech on the People Management Axis ends successfully.

On Wednesday, September 7, the fifth meeting of the series of keynote speeches “Hands on Deck: Policy on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination” of the Working Group on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination (GTG) was held on the topic of People Management.

In this Keynote Speech, we learned about the work life cycle, the importance of people management from a gender perspective, and the strategies to apply an inclusive approach to people management in any process of the work life cycle, in the voices of Ms. Nelly Salvo, General Secretary, Ms. Loreto Basaure, Head of the Training Department, Ms. Gabriela Andrades, Methodologist of the Working Group on Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination of OLACEFS and Mr. Cristopher Sigueida Barra, Head of the Organizational Development Unit. All the staff of the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile (CGR) where this axis of the Policy was led.

The session was accompanied by an interaction phase where the panelists were able to answer 2 questions through the Mentimeter platform: 1) In which process of the work life cycle do you consider it more complex or challenging to apply the gender and non-discrimination perspective? And 2) What do you consider to be the most relevant stage of the work life cycle to start implementing the gender perspective in your SAIs? These sessions gave the opportunity to comment on the five elements that make up the work-life cycle (language and communications, Target audience, Team in charge of its execution, Rules and stages of the process, and Reconciliation in the execution of the process) and how they have been implemented.

Relive the Keynote Speech of the People Management axis here.

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