LXXV Directing Council 2022 session successfully concluded in Oaxaca, Mexico

On Tuesday, September 20, 2022, the LXXV Ordinary Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Latin American and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACEFS) was held in the city of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The meeting was chaired by Nelson Shack Yalta, Comptroller General of the Republic of Peru and President of OLACEFS, and Jorge Bermúdez, Comptroller General of the Republic of Chile and Executive Secretary of OLACEFS, and the Directors: João Augusto Nardes, Ministers of the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU – Brazil); Álvaro Ezcurra, Minister of the Court of Accounts of Uruguay; María Graciela De La Rosa, Auditor General of the Nation of Argentina and Executive Secretary of EFSUR; Roberto Antonio Anzora, President of the Court of Accounts of the Republic of El Salvador and President of OCCEFS; and David Colmenares, Senior Auditor of the Federation of Mexico, host of this event.

During this day, important issues were discussed and voted on, which will be presented at the XXXI OLACEFS Ordinary Assembly on Friday, September 23, including the OLACEFS Strategic Plan, the proposal of new members, the review of the report on the implementation of the recommendations and conclusions of the technical commission on the scope of the OLACEFS financial audit, the request for admission of a new member, the signing of the Specific Agreement with the University of Buenos Aires, the review of the technical topics for the next general assembly in 2023, and the creation of a new working group on Infrastructure Policy and Regulation Auditing (GTInfra). Also highlighted was the ratification of the appointment of the SAI of Ecuador as External Auditor of INTOSAI for the 2023 term and the appointment of the SAI of Mexico and Peru to represent OLACEFS on the INTOSAI Board of Directors.

Another point that was addressed was the election of the venue for the 2024 General Assembly, where there was no previous candidate, until, in that instance, the Comptroller General of Panama, Mr. Gerardo Felipe Solís Díaz, who was also elected at the same meeting as a member of the Board of Directors of OLACEFS, for the purpose of occupying the post of SAI Uruguay, which ends its term this year.

The meeting was closed with farewell remarks by the Presidency and the current Executive Secretary, who also welcomed the next representatives of the Organization; the SAI of Paraguay, as the future Presidency of OLACEFS, and the SAI of Mexico, as the next Executive Secretariat.

It should be noted that Mr. Ignacio Forlón, Auditor General of the General Audit Office of the Nation, and Francisco Javier Fernández, Auditor General of the General Audit Office of the Nation and Presidency of the CTIC, attended as special guests; Nora Hermina Mamani Cabrera, Comptroller General of the Office of the Comptroller General of the State of Bolivia, Financial Auditor of OLACEFS; Mr. Gerardo Felipe Solís Díaz, Comptroller General of the Republic of Panama; Carlos Alberto Riofrío González, Comptroller General of the Republic of Ecuador; Mr. Erwin Ramírez, representing the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ); Archana Shirsat, Deputy Director General of the IDI; and Sebastián Gil, representative of the IDI.

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