We continue to move towards organizations where integrity is a fundamental value

Taller IntoSAINT en Puerto Rico

On June 1, 2, and 3, the IntoSAINT Workshop was held in Puerto Rico, within the framework of the OLACEFS Technical Commission of Good Governance Practices Project, led by Mr. Jesús Rodríguez, president of the General Audit Office of the Nation of Argentina.

This Workshop took place thanks to the commitment of the Comptroller of Puerto Rico, Yesmín M. Valdivieso. Its objective was to carry out a risk analysis with a focus on integrity and evaluate the level of maturity of internal control systems with house officials, to identify measures aimed at strengthening the management of integrity in said institution.

The Workshop was facilitated by two OLACEFS certified moderators: Paola Romero Gorrostieta of the SAI of Mexico and Daysi Oliva Reyes of the SAI of the Dominican Republic.

The SAI of Puerto Rico joins the 19 Supreme Audit Institutions that have already evaluated their integrity in the region.

OLACEFS leads the ranking of INTOSAI regional organizations in conducting IntoSAINT and SAINT workshops. The experience in the implementation of this tool has made it a benchmark for other regions of the world.

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