New Anti-Corruption Efforts: CTCT Creates Two Task Forces Led by the SAIs of Guatemala and Ecuador

At meetings held by the CTCT on April 8 and 19, the member SAIs with the support of the German Cooperation through the GIZ decided favorably on the proposals of the SAIs of Guatemala and Ecuador, respectively, on the formation of two new Task Forces.

First, on April 8, the SAI of Guatemala, through Dr. Celvin Galindo, presented the Anticorruption Policy of the Central American and Caribbean Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (OCCEFS) to the Technical Commission, emphasizing that the desire is “to seek ad-hoc formulas to overcome all these common aspects that we have in these countries, and that effectively through effective coordination we can integrate, coordinate and seek common solutions.”

Subsequently, the Presidency of the CTCT in charge of the SAI of Chile presented the proposal of objectives and guidelines for the Task Force, based on the document “Actions to consider for a regional anti-corruption strategy in OLACEFS.” Some of its specific objectives would be to align the OLACEFS anti-corruption strategy with international standards on the matter, as well as to coordinate with other relevant OLACEFS bodies such as the GTG, CPC, COMTEMA, CTIC, and CCC.

The proposal was received positively among the SAIs of the CTCT, unanimously approving the formation of the Task Force to develop an Anti-Corruption Policy in OLACEFS under the leadership of the SAI of Guatemala, recognizing the work they have developed in OCCEFS.

Secondly, on April 19, the SAI of Ecuador informed the CTCT of its proposal for the creation of a Task Force for the prevention of corruption in the illicit trafficking of species, for “the development of an action plan for the implementation of measures within the framework of the SAI’s competencies to contribute to the Prevention of Crimes against Wild Flora and Fauna”. The base document is “Species trafficking as a paradigmatic case of transnational corruption”, developed with the support of German cooperation through GIZ.

As with the previous proposal, the CTCT member SAIs unanimously approved the creation of the Task Force for the Prevention of Corruption in the Illicit Trafficking of Species.

Given the relevance of these issues, we cordially invite the SAIs of the CTCT to join these efforts. Those SAIs that wish to join any of these Task Forces may communicate it to the Presidency of the Commission through [email protected]

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