The process of the Second Call of the OLACEFS-GIZ Regional Project advances

The OLACEFS-German Cooperation Regional Project for the Strengthening of External Financial Control for the Effective Prevention and Fight against Corruption, advances in the process of the 2022 Call for the presentation of anti-corruption initiatives to be supported by the Project starting in 2023.

The selection process of the initiatives involves the following four phases:

  • Fase 1 “Proposal presentation:” To be carried out by the applicants by filling out the Concept Note, by October 12th, 2022 (done).
  • Fase 2 “Proposal development:” Carried out by the proponents with the support of the Executive Committee, until November 23rd, 2022 (in process).
  • Phase 3 “Proposal evaluation:” To be carried out by the Executive Committee, which will evaluate and approve the initiatives presented and define the corresponding budgetary allocations, to be carried out on December 1st and 2nd, 2022.
  • Phase 4 “Implementation and follow-up of the initiative:” To be carried out by SAIs and OLACEFS bodies with accepted initiatives, starting in 2023. This phase includes activities of accountability to the Executive Committee during the months of April, August, and December 2023 (format and dates to be disclosed).

In order to resolve doubts about Phase 1 of the Call, the OLACEFS-GIZ Project Executive Committee offered two clarifying sessions whose recordings are available below:

Within the stipulated deadline, 22 applications were received from SAIs and OLACEFS instances, which were analyzed and evaluated by the Executive Committee, and of which only 18 met the criteria defined to move on to Phase 2 of the Call for Proposals.

Once this second phase began, on November 3rd and 4th, the Executive Committee held four orientation sessions, one for each of the priority indicators, the recordings of which are available below:

During the following days, the SAI and OLACEFS applicants will develop the proposals for initiatives based on the criteria, requirements, and feedback shared by the Executive Committee of the OLACEFS-GIZ Project. To this end, two individual orientation sessions will be held for filling out the corresponding form, which must be sent to the Executive Committee no later than November 23rd.

Subsequently, this body will meet on December 1st and 2nd to carry out Phase 3 of the process and analyze, evaluate and accept those initiatives that will be supported starting in January 2023.

For more information on the Call, priority areas, deadlines, evaluation, and selection processes, among other issues, we invite you to access the following documents:


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